“Doctors alone can’t eliminate cervical cancer, simply because we can’t be everywhere at once, or even see every patient who needs to be seen. Technologies like PapEasy are the future of providing cutting edge gynecological care to women around the world. Where so many other fields are seeing a revolution in what’s possible, Women, and Gynecology, can’t be left behind.”


-Sara O’Heron M.D.

PapEasy Chief Medical Advisor

Global Market

1 Billion+



Series A Goal

$2 Million

Payback Period

2.3 Years


Investment Opportunities That Have The Potential To Change The Lives Of Billions Don’t Grow On Trees.


Our vision is for every woman to be empowered with an effective, private, and comfortable cervical self-screening option, in order to increase global accessibility and cervical cancer survivability rates worldwide.


Our Mission is to develop user friendly self-testing methodologies for the most common gynecological tests and screens, providing critical technological and user experience upgrades, bringing the OB-GYN standard-of-care model into the 21st century.


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Every year over 500,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer worldwide. Experts believe that the real numbers are over a million women each year.

The #2 Killer

Cervical cancer survival rates are among the highest of all cancers, yet cervical cancer is the number two killer among the cancers in women.


PAPEASY is an innovative multipurpose solution. PAPEASY test can facilitate two other common tests, STD & HPV in one package, adding more comfort, economy & privacy for women.

High Mortality

More than 250k women die every year due to the cervical cancer. 90% of Cervical Cancer deaths occur in less developed regions where access to medical testing & care is limited.