PapEasy - The Future of Pap Screening

The Pap test is the most performed cancer screen in the world. Women deserve an alternative to the invasive Pap Smear Test that is comfortable, private, affordable, and accessible.

Cervical cancer survival rates are among the highest of all cancers, yet every year 500,000 Women worldwide are diagnosed, and cervical cancer is the #2 killer among cancers in women.


Around the world, particularly in rural areas, developing, and 3rd world countries, survivability rates plummet by 20%. This is a direct reflection of the ability of healthcare systems to meet the needs of women in remote and economically depressed areas. In fact, over 90% of cervical cancer deaths happen in less developed regions where access to preventative care is limited.



What if a Pap Test could be performed anywhere, by anyone, and we could deliver results directly to their inbox?

The PapEasy Flexible Wand offers one size serves all comfort in a thin form factor, with a dissolvable gel protective cap that guarantees sterile sample collection.

The Connected (or offline) PapEasy App delivers HD endoscope video, AI Guidance, in-app telesupport, and results, all from a convenient personalized dashboard.

Our pre-paid sterile pod and mailer deliver lab ready samples to geographically pre-selected facilities for results.

Coming in 2022